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Used Cars

We Have Tremonton’s Best Pre-Owned Cars

If you are looking to be in the market for a new car, let us tell you a bit about the car buying experience. A new car is going to lose 10% of its value the first month after you purchase it. After the first year, that number increases to 20%. Let’s assume you get a car brand new for $20,000. A month after you buy it, you are looking at a basically brand-new car that is worth $18000. After that first year, how about a $4000.00 loss. You have paid less in principal on the car than it is worth.

Rapid devaluation is a big problem for new car buyers, but it is perfect for those of us that search for a used car. Used cars, or pre-owned cars if you prefer, have a bonus as soon as you buy them. They have already met their depreciation numbers and are now reasonably priced for the mileage and overall condition of the vehicle.

The team at Big D’s Auto are experts at finding high-quality used cars for fantastic prices. We take the time to check every inch of the car to ensure it is worthy of our name well before we consider having it on our lot. We keep our team up to date with trends and the current market movements.

Come see us and find the car thats best for you at the right price.

Call 435-515-6659 with any questions or to make an appointment to set up a test drive. We show our vehicles by appointment only, as our business hours vary.

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